The History of Mr Ottawa Bear

Dori MOB 2020


Mr Ottawa Bear 2020


Pedro MOB 2019


Mr Ottawa Bear 2019

Pedro is a handsome Latin bear originally from Caracas, Venezuela, and has called Ottawa home for the last 30 years. He has found acceptance with the Ottawa Bears and wants to give back to the community that has welcomed him. In 2019 he won the title of Mr Ottawa Bear at a competition held at Arts Court Theatre, running against three other competitors: Bruce, Tom and Sam.

Chris MOB 2018


Mr Ottawa Bear 2018

Chris is 41-years old and rather new to Ottawa. He relocated here in late 2016 from Northern Ontario, bringing with him his small accounting and consulting business. In the short time he has been in Ottawa, Chris has grown a diverse network of business contacts, has become a director on the board of the Centertown Community Health Centre, dabbles in the stand-up comedy community, and co-manages a bar, taking full advantage of all that Ottawa has offered. Chris is also father to a 10-year old son, who he credits as his inspiration to live as an openly gay man, learning to accept and love himself, in an attempt to lead by example for his son. Like many, Chris has struggled with body-image issues, and at one time was painfully shy about his furriness, and his build. But, he’s a bear, he doesn’t have a care, and he loves his hair. Chris is done hibernating! Chris won the title of Mr Ottawa Bear 2018 while competing against Pedro and Shawn.

Adam MOB 2017


Mr Ottawa Bear 2017

Adam grew up on a farm near small town Drayton Valley, Alberta and has been living in Ottawa since 2006. His first bear event was attending a bear brunch in 2014. The welcoming bear community helped him with his coming out with many cuddles along the way. Becoming a regular bruncher, bowler, board-gamer and pride-marcher. Professionally, Adam has a philosophy degree and is currently studying electrical engineering. He also volunteers in the environmental community and has a creative side of painting and poetry. Adam is a thoughtful ambassador, experienced volunteer and easy to be around guy. He competed against Gustavo for title of Mr Ottawa Bear 2017

Tim MOB 2016


Mr Ottawa Bear 2016

Tim won the title of Mr Ottawa Bear 2016.

Wade MOB 2015


Mr Ottawa Bear 2015

Wade won the 2015 Mr Ottawa Bear competition.

Steven MOB 2014


Mr Ottawa Bear 2014

Steven won the 2014 Mr Ottawa Bear competition.


Mr Ottawa Bear 2010

Jimmy won the 2010 Mr Ottawa Bear competition.

Gary MOB 2009


Mr Ottawa Bear 2009

Gary won the 2009 Mr Ottawa Bear competition.

Shawn MOB 2008


Mr Ottawa Bear 2008

Shawn won the 2008 Mr Ottawa Bear competition.

Ethan MOB 2006


Mr Ottawa Bear 2006

Ethan won the 2006 Mr Ottawa Bear competition.

Bruce MOB 2005


Mr Ottawa Bear 2005

Bruce won the very first Mr Ottawa Bear competition in 2005 which took place at Swizzles.