Here are this year’s competitors for the Mr Ottawa Bear Competiton. Be sure to come out to the Meet the Meat social event if you want a chance to meet them in person before the competition and get your tickets now before they sell out like last year.

Competitor Dori


Dori is 33 years old and is trained as a dentist. He moved to Canada from the Middle East in September of 2019 as a sponsor by Northern Lights Refuge. He is currently working as a pharmacy technician while studying to re-certify his dentist credentials in Canada so he can resume his chosen profession. He loves photography, hanging out with friends and spending time outdoors, which he finds challenging these days as he is still adjusting to our chilly winters. Since Canada has two official languages, he has started learning to speak french. Passez une excellente nuit. Merci!

Competitor Blue


Blue is a 56 year old, pocket bear originally from Toronto who now makes Ottawa his home. He transitioned five years ago into being the man that he is today and was delighted to discover he was a bear and a bear lover! He's been involved in the LGBTIQ community since 1991 when he first came out in Toronto. He worked at the 519 Community Centre in the Toronto Gay Village and was very involved in all things queer while there. In Ottawa, he has worked to make the Jewish community more accepting and inclusive to those identifying with the LGBTIQ community. He presently works with new immigrants teaching them English.

Competitor Ben


Benoit is a 39 year old pocket bear who hails from Québec city where, as a young cub, he managed a gay bar for bears and leathermen. He moved to Ottawa five years ago where he currently works as an elementary school teacher and moonlights as a DJ. Benoit has been involved in the gay community and especially the bear community for over fifteen years and more recently, he has been helping to create a special event that will highlight the different talents from our community. He loves cycling, craft beers, music and going out with friends.


Here are the fine bears that will be judging this year’s Mr Ottawa Bear competition.

Mr Ottawa Bear Judge Chris


A former Mr Ottawa Bear himself, Chris appreciates the importance of body positivity and the acceptance that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. His experience as Mr Ottawa Bear 2018 provided the opportunity to not just support that for others, but also to find confidence within himself, to love his own bearish qualities. As an openly gay father to a teenage boy, he takes great pride in encouraging his son to accept and love himself as he is, and encourages that in others also. He believes real beauty comes from the soul, and everyone has the potential to shine. Chris enjoys contributing to the community, and has made every effort since arriving in Ottawa three-years ago to do just that. He also enjoys performing stand-up comedy because he believes laughter has the power to heal. Chris wants to congratulate all of this year’s competitors. He knows the Mr Ottawa Bear competition can have only one winner, but he also knows that competition is challenging and hard work.

Mr Ottawa Bear Judge Eric


Eric is 49 years old. Originally from Montreal, he lives with Christian, his husbear of 16 years, in Toronto. When not teaching English as a Second Language, he and Christian have hosted/organized the very successful Bears in Excess (monthly) and Chubs at the Tubs (six times a year) at Spa Excess for the past 10 years. They will be hosting both of their events at Magnum Sauna in Budapest in August of 2020. They were both on the board of Bears of Toronto and Totally Naked Toronto. Also Eric and Christian have a Youtube channel, The Fluffies Channel, where they talk about travels, culture, lifestyle, food and bears. They have attended various bear events in USA, Brazil, and Europe.

Mr Ottawa Bear Judge Frankie


Being the youngest Mr. Leather Ottawa to hold the title at 21, Frankie took to the scene running. His attitude towards new things is cannonball first, then figure out how to swim after. Growing up in Aylmer, just outside of Ottawa, he was raised in a roman catholic homeschool household, but couldn't be further from that now. Being a lover of bears and kink, he welcomes the opportunity to participate in the Mr. Ottawa Bear competition. Frankie knows that being a title holder comes with many responsibilities, and he offers his aid in supporting the community and the next Mr Ottawa Bear as best he can. After all, unity in diversity is the glue that keeps us all together, and it's up to us to hold each other up when in need. Working as a barber now at Legends of the Trade in St. Laurent shopping mall, he encourages anyone interested in trying him out... on their hair and beard needs.